BEAMSHIELD® Installation

Beamshield products are lightweight, easy to cut and simple to install. With our new app, off-cuts can be kept to a minimum and the correct unit is used every time ensuring a continuous envelope of thermally efficient EPS.

Watch the video below to see how simple the installation process is and find out the top tips in saving on materials.


Just a note…

Beamshield Plus comprises of the components as shown below.

The Beamshield Plus units are 1200mm long and may be cut (to a minimum of 300mm length) to accommodate varying beam lengths and should be positioned at the floor edges.

Ensure that all vents are extended below the Beamshield insulation units, (use telescopic vents where necessary), and that sufficient ventilated space is maintained below the insulation. A minimum 150mm ventilated space below the Beamshield EPS unit is recommended but this may increase dependent on ground conditions, i.e. clay conditions.

Care should be taken not to walk unnecessarily over the installed EPS units and top sheets. Use a suitably rigid board to form a temporary working platform.

To avoid damage the structural concrete topping should be laid as soon as possible after the units/top sheets have been installed.

BEAMSHIELD® Plus Installation

Step 1

Starter Unit

Installation begins with a red labelled Starter unit.

Beamshield Plus Starter units can be used where the floor beams run parallel with the internal wall (maximum width 300mm).

Step 2

Full Unit

Full width blue labelled units are placed to suit full beam centres.

Full units are laid across the floor area as required by the floor beam layout drawing.

Step 3

Half Unit

Half width yellow units are installed to suit reduced beam centres.

Half width units are available to accommodate different floor widths and beam positions.

Step 4

End Unit

A white labelled End unit is measured and cut to complete the installation.

End units are used to finish the run at the opposite end of the floor (maximum width 300mm).

BEAMSHIELD® Installation Guide

For more information and a step by step guide for both our Top Sheet and Plus systems please download our Beamshield Installation Guide.

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