BEAMSHIELD® Suspended Floor Insulation

Beamshield Top Sheet and Beamshield Plus systems for use as thermal insulation in suspended concrete ground floors are available in white or PLATINUM® EPS to give higher insulation value where needed.

Beamshield EPS insulation units replace the concrete blocks to provide total floor insulation and a layer on which to lay the structural concrete topping. For details of the structural concrete toppings in our Agrément certificates please visit our download section.

Beamshield Plus units have the extended toe section to insulate below the beams, whilst the Beamshield Top Sheet infill units are designed to be used with the top sheet to provide improved Psi-value junction detail, by way of a continuous layer of insulation above the beams.

Beamshield Plus units can also be used with the Top Sheet, if required, to provide insulation both above and below the beam to maximise the thermal insulation potential of the ground floor.

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BEAMSHIELD® Installation Details

For Beamshield Top Sheet installation details please click here. For Beamshield Plus installation details please click here.

Features & Benefits of BEAMSHIELD®

Beamshield systems are the innovative, simple, fast and cost-effective way to create insulated suspended ground floors.

The range of underfloor insulation systems are designed to suit the needs of varying builds such as performance requirements and Building Regulations compliance.

Beamshield systems allow increased thickness of insulation to satisfy thermal performance when used with multiple T-beam layout designs.


BEAMSHIELD® by Springvale

Beamshield is manufactured exclusively by Springvale and is a registered trademark belonging to Springvale EPS Ltd.

With decades of experience in the manufacture of expanded polystyrene (EPS), Springvale serves its customers across the UK from 2 manufacturing plants; Newcastle upon Tyne and Glossop, Derbyshire.

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