Springvale Hydroshield for Inverted Roof Insulation uses expanded polystyrene (EPS) boards, a water reducing layer and ballast or paving protection for inverted flat un-trafficked roofs and balconies and terraced roofs subject to pedestrian access only.

The products are available in both uniform thickness and tapered board options and may be used with zero pitch and slopes between 1:80 and 1:6.

When used in conjunction with a suitable root barrier Hydroshield EPS300E may only be used in green roof applications.

The products are supplied in 2 grades, EPS 200E and EPS 300E to meet a range of compressive strength requirements and have a Reaction to Fire Classification of Class E.

Providing excellent thermal insulation properties, Hydroshield manufactured in a range of EPS grades and thicknesses allow a suitable range of U-values to be achieved and can be used in conjunction with other Springvale’s product range to aid compliance with Approved Document Part L of the building regulations.

Benefiting from the excellent environmental aspects of EPS Hydroshield is quick to install with little waste and is supplied based on your bespoke roof design and U Value requirements.



Technical Data Sheet

Download our technical data sheet for our Springvale Hydroshield product.

Agrément Certification

Our BBA certificate is available for download, please click the direct link below.

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Technical Data


(BS EN 13163)


Thermal conductivity


0.033 0.033

Thermal conductivity

(W/m·K) including moisture

correction factor

0.038 0.038

Reaction to Fire

Board Size (mm)

Class E

1200 x 590 mm

Thickness (mm) 120, 150, 190,  200 to 350 mm


Hydroshield has been awarded BBA certificate No: 08/4529 Product Sheet 2. Click here to download the BBA certificate.. The products are manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 13163, under an ISO 9001 certified quality management system.


The environmental integrity of Springvale Hydroshield products is exceptional:

  • Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
  • Low GWP (Global Warming Potential)
  • A+ BRE Green Guide rating for generic EPS products
  • CFC, HFC and HCFC free
  • Boards are 100% recyclable
  • Rot proof, dimensionally stable and when installed as per the BBA certificate will remain effective as an insulation material for the lifetime of the building


Hydroshield BBA Certificate

Hydroshield Technical Data Sheet

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