Cavity Wall Insulation

Benefiting from the excellent thermal values of EPS, Ecobead Platinum is a full fill cavity wall insulation supplied by a network of approved installers, quick and easy without any waste.

Ecobead Platinum is a high performance, blown in EPS bead with adhesive, typically used in external masonry walls up to and including 12 metres in height, with nominal cavity width of not less than 50mm, in new and existing domestic and non-domestic buildings.

Ecobead may be used in buildings above 12 metres in height subject to certain restrictions. Please contact Springvale Technical for further details and click here to view the Agrement certificate.

All installations are carried out by Springvale and Agrément certificate approved installers offering a supply and fix service.


Superior Performance


The thermal insulation properties of Ecobead Platinum will remain effective for the life of the building.

Thermal Conductivity

Ecobead Platinum thermal conductivity value: 0.033 W/mK

Moisture Resistance

Due to the unique design, the system will not transmit water across the cavity when installed as required by our Agrément certificate.


BBA Agrément certificate No: 04/4167. Manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Installed by Springvale & BBA approved installers.

ECOBEAD® PLATINUM® Cavity Wall Insulation

Benefiting from the excellent environmental aspects of EPS it is installed by approved installers, is fast to install with no waste, and is suitable for improving the thermal performance by making substantial contributions to reducing CO2 emissions and improved energy efficiency of both new build and existing buildings.

The EPS beads are blown into the wall with a specially designed adhesive to hold the bead together inside the cavity providing a full fill insulation solution. The unique flow of bead coupled with its lightness enables the insulation to fill the smallest spaces ensuring all possible areas are filled.

Performance Examples New Build

The table below shows typical U-Values (W/m2k) achieved using Ecobead Platinum in various construction types and cavity widths:

External Wall Construction using stainless steel double triangular wall ties 900 x 450 centres Cavity Width
100 125 150
12.5mm Plasterboard on Dabs, 100mm Block (λ 0.11) and Brick outer 0.24 0.20 0.17
12.5mm Plasterboard on Dabs, 100mm Block (λ 0.15) and Brick outer 0.25 0.21 0.18
12.5mm Plasterboard on Dabs, 100mm Block (λ 0.19) and Brick outer 0.25 0.21 0.18
12.5mm Plasterboard on Dabs, 100mm Block (λ 0.47) and Brick outer 0.27 0.22 0.19
12.5mm Plasterboard on Dabs, 100mm Block (λ 1.13) and Brick outer 0.28 0.23 0.20

The ECOBEAD® Brand.

ECOBEAD® by Springvale.


Ecobead Platinum is manufactured exclusively by Springvale and is a registered trademark belonging to Springvale EPS Ltd.

With decades of experience in the manufacture of expanded polystyrene (EPS), Springvale serves its customers across the UK from 2 manufacturing plants; Newcastle upon Tyne and Glossop, Derbyshire.

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